50+ Amazing Nintendo 64 Console Compatible Rom Hacks


In this Video I check out 54 N64 mods that work on console by an Everdrive 64 or other flash cart.

Websites mentioned in this Video

The 54 mods that are shown in this video are with download link/ author channel:

Smash 64
1. Smash Remix (Smash Remix Team)

2. Break the Targets Snooplax Challenge

Super Mario 64
3. SM64 Splitscreen Multiplayer (Kaze)

4. Super Mario Star Road (Kaze & Skelux)

5. Super Mario 74 (Lugmilord & MacN64)
Download link to come
6. Speed Star Adventure (jesusyoshi54)

7. Detective Luigi (Rovert)

8. Bounce Tales 64 (AloXadoSM64)

9. Isabelle 64 (AloXadoSM64)

10. Franco Sanchez 64 (AloXadoSM64)

11 & 12. Fox & Falco in Mario 64 (Pasta Power)

13. Super Captain Falcon 64 (Pasta Power)

14. Waluigis Taco Stand (Kaze)

15. SM64 Randomizer (Arthurtilly)

16. SM64 Usamune ROM (circum ark)

17. Banjo-Kazooie Bob-omb New Field (Mark Kurko)

18. Banjo-Kazooie in Donkey Kong Country (Mark Kurko)

19. Banjo-Kazooie The Bear Waker (Mark Kurko)

20. Banjo-Kazooie Gruntilda’s Mask (Mark Kurko)

21.Banjo-Kazooie Temple (Mark Kurko)

22. Banjo-Kazooie Kokiri Forest (Mark Kurko)

23. Banjo-Kazooie Kakariko Village (Mark Kurko)

24. Banjo-Kazooie Worlds Colide (Bynine B)

25. Banjo Kazooie The Hidden Lair(Daveyx0)

26. Banjo-Kazooie Returns (SuperZambezi)

27. Banjo-Dreamie (Loggo)

Mario Kart 64
28. Mushroom Valley (OverKart 64)

29. GTA San Andreas Kart (TeamFaustGames)

30. Vegeta Kart 64 (ImmaVegeta)

31. MK64 Multiplayer Hack

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
32. Zelda 64 Dawn Dusk (Captain Seedyeye & LuigiBlood)

33. Petrie’s Challenge (petrie911)

Diddy Kong Racing
34. Yoshi’s Racing Story (Sixty Four)

35. Rainbow Road (Sixty Four & SubDrag)

36. DKR GoldenEye

37. Ocarina of time Tracks (Sixty Four)

38. Haunter Pokemon in Diddy Kong Racing (Sixty Four)

Pokemon Snap
39. Pokemon Snap GoldenEye Basement (SubDrag)

40.Pokemon Snap Rith Essa (Sixty Four)

GoldenEye 007
41. GoldenEye Cybertruck (Graslu00)

42. GoldenEye With Sonic Characters (CrashOveride)

43. GoldenEye With Mario Characters (StupidMarioBros1Fan)

Perfect Dark
44. GoldenEye X (Wreck)

Yoshi’s Story
45. Yoshi’s Story SMB 1-1 (shygoo)

F-Zero X
46. F-Zero X Climax (Philippe Brodier)

Mario Party 1
47. Snowflake Lake (SuperZambezi)

Mario Party 2
48. Neon Heights Land (jakeh9777)

49. Toy Dream Project (Little_mac)

50. Dream Haven (StalfosKing)

Mario Party 3
51. F-Zero White Land I (PartyPlanner64)

52. Star Summit (SuperZambezi)

53. Rainbow Boulevard (SuperZambezi)

54. Towering Treetop (Airsola)


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  1. Why does the F*CKING everyone has to ruin everything with Sh*tty persona 5!? It's not a good game! Stop shoving it down everyone's throat!

  2. Do you need an expansion pak or what? I try these roms here on this video, and they don't work, or they start to then freeze.

  3. Interesting video. You're probably the first Youtuber that I didn't completely ignore when they asked for a like and subscription. Nice work on the video!

  4. Unless you're shoving your games into your console and ripping them out, you won't be damaging any sort of "connectors".

  5. Dude, thank you so much for this video, this was incredible. Found so much stuff I'm going to check out 🙂

  6. What about F-Zero DXP, F-Zero X Climax, Pokemon Stadium Kaizo, GoldenEye X, Pokemon Stadium – Mew & Mewtwo as rentals hack, Pokemon Stadium 2 – Mord's Moveset Hack, Super Mario 64: The Missing Stars, Super Mario Star Road, Super Mario 74, Super Mario 64 Reduced Lag, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask – Gamecube to N64, The Legend of Zelda – Majora's Mask – Masked Quest, Zelda's Birthday, dragon ball kart, super Luigi 64 Legend of zelda sacred armor
    Legend of zelda Voyager of time
    The legend of Zelda: Project Izou, The legend of Zelda Ocarina of time: Nightmare, The legend of Zelda Ocarina of time: Nightmare, legend of zelda ocarina of time:Chaos edition, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time: Ruinous Shards, legend of zelda ocarina of time: Eternal Youth , The legend of Zelda Ocarina of time: Four Swords Arena edition, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time: Project 3rd Quest, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time:Beta Triforce, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time: Petrie's challenge, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time: Nimpize Adventure, kakariko village* golden eye hack), paper Mario pro, 19xtte, kakariko village ( banjo kazooie hack), super Mario 64 last impact, Mario kart r, Donald Trump kart, diddy's Kong racing, super donkey Kong, super Mario star world, goldeneye super Mario, super Mario 64 land, goldeneye with sonic characters, isabelle 64, banjo dreamie, zelda link's awakening, super Mario run 64, super Mario bros 64, virtual pro wrestling 2 English, virtual pro wrestling Freem edition, n64 royal raceway, halo 1 n64 hack, n64 lost castle, super releasio, fish cart 64, sonari 64 dash, it's a crash (sm64 hack), bomb omb battlefield, grand theft auto San Andreas 64, sector Z (ssbb hack) Mario's nightmare, ssbb hack fire temple,? I am wondering because that I am debating on getting the everdrive 64 or ed64.

  7. Very nice hacks. Yesterday I ordered a flash cart with 314 roms installed for $45 shipped on alixpress! 🦄🦄🦄

  8. I want to say their is a full rom hack of OOT that is compatible with the N64. Its call Nimpiz Adventure. But yeah its a realy hard game. The game take place in MM universe where they tell you a story abouth hyrule. Hyrule is realy different (ex: new temple, new ost, new area [a snow area,canyon,etc] , new hyrule field and Market town is all in 3d). You have every old temple but more hard then Master Quest and the game have customs cut scene too.
    Its realy hard but the game doesn't need any save state, cheat code or glitch to finish it.

  9. make a list of "complete" rom hacks, like the star road 64 game. Hacks that aren't aesthetic or just one level for tha lols. something robust and completable like the ocarina of time hack when you play after majora's mask i can't remember the name.

  10. A Nathaniel Bandy stage? Whoever made it should get brutally murdered without mercy. Also, Crashoveride is a piece of fucking shit.

  11. Having issues with Mario Kart 64 Multiplayer ROM Hack.
    I'm able to patch the ROM:
    Real N64 CRC Tool V2.1 [By RaO 1999/2001] – Update CRC's

    FileName : mk64_multiplayer_hack.z64
    ROM Title : MARIOKART64
    Type : CIC-NUS-6102
    CRC's : $3E5055B6, $2E92DA52 [Updated]

    But it will not run on either an emulator (mupen64plus or project64) or the EverDrive. Project64 displays the following error:
    Unhandled R4300i OpCode at: 8000126C
    Unknown 00 0C C1 0E

    Stoping Emulation !

    Any help?

  12. Oh, wow, this might be useful. I still got my N64 Neo Myth Cart around… I hope these work as well on that as they would an Everdrive.

  13. Tthat was an excelent digest on the subject. Thank you. I was aware about a lot of the stuff already, but you sure brought up things I didn't know.
    By the way, what's that music at the beginning of the video? Something from Mario Party perhaps? I didn't really follow the series for lack of players, so I don't really know the music from the games. It has a goemon-ish vibe to it too.

  14. Very good list!

    I'm surprised you didn't mention Donkey Kong 64 Tag Anywhere on here. It's a ROMHack for Donkey Kong 64 that lets you change Kongs on the fly instead of needing to go find a tag barrel everytime you wanna switch, and it really changes how the game flows, I highly recommend it.

    2dos's video with more info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6HHVB8bbac


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