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This Android SharedPreferences Tutorial video talks about how to store simple key value pairs in Android using SharedPreferences where the data is stored as XML file inside the data/data/package-name/shared-prefs folder. The only type of data supported is primitive like int, float, long, boolean, String and use the getPreferences or getSharedPreferences to access the SharedPreferences.Editor object that ultimately adds the data and commit the essential changes

Android Data Storage Options



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  • Best video in-depth explanation, Thank you.

    Mohit Mahajan
    Posted July 13, 2020
  • you are the best

    dero salamoz
    Posted July 13, 2020
  • I should have had watch this long ago. You probably explained it way better than everybody else.

    Ultimate Warrior Frieza
    Posted July 13, 2020
  • great tutorial sir you have one more subscriber

    Posted July 13, 2020
  • Delhi Accent

    Prakul Jain
    Posted July 13, 2020
  • really good explanation which people of all levels can understand and at a pace that makes it easy to follow.

    Peter Linn
    Posted July 13, 2020
  • Its very difficult to get the code of "like button " functionality out of the whole app.
    I want to give a " like button" to the text which is already available in my app and user can just like it.
    I want this coding of like button separately.
    Please help me.

    Zainab Khan
    Posted July 13, 2020
  • nice

    Saravana Murali
    Posted July 13, 2020
  • wow wow wow , you are the legend of android.Keep it up

    Tahir Khan
    Posted July 13, 2020
  • Thank you for your nice video tutorial !
    For a small project android, I need to create an application that can take a picture and keep it saved in a sharedpreferences.
    The part of taking picture I know how do it, but save the picture in sharedpreferences i can not do it.
    Can you help me for solve this problem ?

    Mehdi Chekroun
    Posted July 13, 2020
  • ايس كلام صديق ؟

    Haytham BuKhadra
    Posted July 13, 2020
  • Just one word for u….. Awesome

    Kumar classes
    Posted July 13, 2020
  • This is by far the best tutorials I've ever seen on sharedpreferences. Thumbs up! I would like to know what software you used for recording (because of the smooth audio quality).

    Taslim Oseni
    Posted July 13, 2020
  • Better than udacity!!

    Yash Thakkar
    Posted July 13, 2020
  • Easily the best presenter about. Well done and thank you.

    E Kennedy
    Posted July 13, 2020
  • Everything is cool but drop the fake accent

    Saad Naik
    Posted July 13, 2020
  • Great Explanation Great channel

    Ibrahim Nada
    Posted July 13, 2020
  • what is the difference between shared preference and database? i cant distinguish when i using each of them????

    hy Abeer
    Posted July 13, 2020
  • best video of Shared preference thn other on youtube

    Posted July 13, 2020
  • Thank you, ,your videos helps  me lot in learning and understanding android

    Aditya Shenoy
    Posted July 13, 2020
  • bets video

    Ravi Shir
    Posted July 13, 2020
  • your's video are awesome 🙂

    gaurav parkash
    Posted July 13, 2020
  • Nice tutorials Vivz. Thank you.

    Celal Ozan Berk Yavuz
    Posted July 13, 2020
  • Hi,

    Now Preference activity is changed a lot.
    Is there any video tutorial of yours in which new way of using PreferenceActivity, Preference, PreferenceFragment are shown?

    Thank you

    Vinayak Hegde
    Posted July 13, 2020
  • can b database folder be edited on an android phone??

    Walter Jera
    Posted July 13, 2020
  • brother can you give me link of this slides if you don't mind thank you very much .

    IT Giants
    Posted July 13, 2020
  • Hey viz I'm back to learn about shared Preferences in a android studio messaging sample app

    Michael Calcagni
    Posted July 13, 2020

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