✓ How to Share WIFI CONNECTED PHONE'S INTERNET to other Android Phone

✓ How to Share WiFi Connected Phone’s Internet to other Android Phone #WiFi #Tricks (Not 3g/4g Mobile Data) #WiFiShare #PhoneToPhoneWiFiSharing #WiFiInternetSharing #LocalGuyTech

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friends,you all know how to share mobile data using mobile hotspot.
so,others can connect to your hotspot and start using the shared mobile data.but how to share WiFi connected phone’s WiFi to others.
suppose you are connected to home WiFi network and friend asking you to give him your home WiFi password.here instead of giving him a WiFi password what you have to do is,create a second WiFi network on your phone and share home WiFi with friend using this newly created WiFi network’s password.so,you dont have to provide him your home’s WiFi password.

▶️to use phone as a WiFi repeater,we have to install “NETSHARE” app from playstore.so lets install the app on both the phone.

▶️now open netshare app on phone 1 and tap on start WiFi network.you can see that new WiFi network with ssid and password is created.now phone 1 will act as a WiFi repeater.

▶️now head on to second phone and follow this steps. dont open the netshare app on second phone yet.

▶️step 1
connect to newly created WiFi network with password.after connected to repeater phone’s WiFi network,still we are not able to access the internet.

▶️step 2
open the netshare app on the second phone.a message asking permission for vpn connection request will be displayed.click ok.

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✅How to Share WIFI CONNECTED PHONE’S INTERNET to other Android Phone

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